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Why do I need a "Driving" shoe?

Posted by Melanie Paterson on

For some of us, driving is a daily, if not mundane task to be able to get us from point A to B, however, there are also those of us who enjoy driving and take pride, not only in what we drive, but in HOW we drive. For us driving enthusiasts, there was no real middle ground for a driving shoe. We could drive in runners or racing boots, but neither of those options were viable for the boardroom -  until Piloti came along, that is!

Enlightened and trained driving enthusiasts know that the most precise and safest way to use the pedals on any vehicle is with your heel on the ground and pivoting at the ankle to squeeze either the throttle or the brake pedals.

When we lift our heel off the floor and push the pedals, instead of pivot onto them, we operate the pedals like an on/off switch and this compromises vehicle weight transfer and traction.

Traditional footwear makes it difficult, if not uncomfortable, to drive with your heel properly on the floor because they have edges on the sole. These edges catch the carpet and potentially the pedals. These edges cause sore heels after driving for long distances.

Piloti shoes offer their patented Roll Control heel, which eliminates hard edges on the heel and give a consistent feel for the pivoting movement. As well as the heel, the edges of the sole are slightly rounded and, in the more sporty styles, the sole even wraps around the outside of the forefoot.

The design of the sole gives the ultimate in performance and comfort, but also, the design and range of styles in the Piloti lineup offers something for everyone - from track to trading floor. Now you can officially have your cake and eat it too!

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