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Brand Ambassador Program

If you are an Automotive Professional (race car driver, instructor, pit crew, sales etc.) and you are interested in promoting our products, the Brand Ambassador program may be right for you. Please contact us for more details at


 Luca Mars  -  @luca_mars188  

What does he have on his feet? 

- Superleggera

- Prototipo - Navy

Karting Highlights

2016 - 1st - FWT - Ocala Gran Prix Mini ROK

2014 - 1st - WKA Manufacturer’s Cup - Yamaha Rookie Sportsman



Matt Farah - @TheSmokingTire

The Smoking Tire


Matt Farah travels around the world filming amazing cars and gets the story to you on his YouTube channel @TheSmokingTire. 

What does he have on his feet?

Superstrada - Camel 

Spyder S1 - Red